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CSB Green Technological Solutions LLP
(Under Govt. Of India Registered)
🔌⚙️(Division -Electrical Projects):-
📌We provide most convenient and best quality of Electrification & Wiring Projects
Flats & residential complex [From G+4 to G+14] & Bungalows, Resorts etc.
📎Commercial –
Shoping Malls, Restaurants,Hotels, Offices,schools,Hostels,Colleges, Banks etc.
📎Industrial -Various type of industries.
✔️We have integrated team with experienced Engineers & High skilled Technicians.
📌We also Provide Electrical maintenance Projects at various locations of west Bengal (Residential,Commercial & Industrial )
📢Our Electrification Projects are going on at different locations of West Bengal .Hurry up plz contacts our technical expert as following:-
(6290468450, 9088593162,9674438878)