Sun. Dec 5th, 2021
Imported LEDTV Price List For Dealers and Retailers
Ashwin Aggarwal Call us 7503200303
24inch Normal LEDTV 5400
32inch Normal LEDTV 7600
24inch Smart LEDTV 7200
32inch Smart LEDTV 8400
32inch Smart LEDTV 9000 Frameless
40inch Smart LEDTV 11000
43inch Smart LEDTV 14000
50inch Smart LEDTV 21500
55inch Smart LEDTV 26900
2 Years On-Site Warranty
Please Note Minimum order must be 10pcs per size bulk rate & deal only
Single Pcs will be charge 1700rs Extra
Courier or Delivery Will Be Extra
Order your product call us on 7503 200 303

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