Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Vodafone Unlimited Internet plans PROMOTION – Qatar

For more info you can contact me in WhatsApp:
We have 4 plans
*mobile wifi*
Unlimited Internet
Speed :-***5G***
Monthly bill :-150
1 person used best maximum 2 person
*Pocket mifi*
–Unlimited Internet Everywhere–
Device cost:- 150QR
Speed :-*4G+*
Monthly Bill:- 275QR
4/6 person used
*** *4G Plan* ***
–Unlimited Internet Everywhere–
– *1 Month Full Free*-
Device cost:- 350QR
Speed:- 15MBPS *4G+*
Monthly Bill:- 300QR
8/10 device used
*** *5G Plan* ***
–Unlimited Internet Everywhere–
– *2 Months Full Free* –
Device cost:- 375QR
Speed:- 100MBPS 5G
Monthly Bill:- 375QR
10/15 device used
For more info you can contact me to:
WhatsApp, IMO, calling

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